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Council Staff

Sheridan, Geoff

Chief Executive Officer


Quinn, Karen

Manager Financial Services


Mills, Tim

Operations Coordinator


Leonard, Jill

Administration Officer


Cobby, Jasmin

Customer Service/Records Management


Pryor, Mel

Finance Administration


Patton, Lucy

WHS Officer


Marsh, Julie

Human Resources Manager


Fletcher, Robert

Leading Hand Lock


Kelly, Clint

Leading Hand Elliston


Pryor, Luke

Outdoor Maintenance


Tiller, Kym

Grader Driver


Monaghan, Sean

Outdoor Maintenance


Romanowycz, Todd

Outdoor Maintenance


Hastwell, John

Outdoor Maintenance


Tully, Brenda

Outdoor Maintenance

District Council of Elliston
21 Beach Terrace
Elliston SA 5670
Fax: 08 8687 9176