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Community Solar Scheme

The EPLGA and RDAWEP Community Solar Scheme bulk buy for rooftop solar.

The EPLGA and RDAWEP have partnered together and are developing a Community Solar Scheme (or bulk buy initiative) for the EP.  They would  like to gauge your interest in rooftop solar.
Many people on the Eyre Peninsula are interested in installing solar but are unable, or hesitate for various reasons such as, knowing which company to trust, navigating the technical minefield, sourcing high quality providers to service remote locations, the upfront cost of installing solar, and being a tenant and not a building owner.

If you are also challenged to install solar as a pensioner, low income earner, community group/club, school, small business, or wanting to live off-grid but are finding solar and batteries unreachable, the EPLGA and  RDAWEP believe these barriers can be overcome with  ENERGY ON EYRE.
Register your no obligation interest and find out further information by clicking on the link below.

The EPLGA Community Solar Scheme survey is now on the EPLGA website:



More information about the scheme can be found here:


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