Hitchcock, Peter

Mr Peter Hitchcock

Position Deputy Mayor
Address PO Box 46
Elliston SA 5670
Contact Details Phone: 08 8687 9177
Mobile: 0429 891 144
Email: phitchcock@elliston.sa.gov.au

Profile Statement 

I have lived at Lock since 1951 and our family has had a residence on the Esplanade at Elliston since 1956, and having served on Council I feel that I have a reasonable understanding of the needs of most of the Council area. I think the Elliston Council area has a good sustainable future ahead of it though we may face some difficult times, but if all of the communities continue to work together we should be able to maintain our identity. If elected I will continue to work towards a strong and well balanced Council that will provide service, facilities and infrastructure that will continue to support our district well into the future. phitchy@bigpond.com